How To Remove Business Listing From Google Maps

How To Remove Business Listing From Google Maps

Are you looking for an article to remove a business listing from your map? Then you are in a right place. We are going to help you in know, How would you Remove business listing from google maps?  In all actuality, basic deletion is only from time to time the right response.

People with their own business mostly find it difficult to remove their own business.  Local SEO website and other forums website have this question common. The business owner wants to know the right method and we are here to help you.

With regards to managing undesirable or unsafe Google My Business postings, it takes different steps. You have to follow simple steps and guideline to remove the business listing, in light of the fact that your specific situation describes which steps you should take. The accompanying guide will enable you to distinguish normal circumstances and pick the one that most nearly coordinates yours. From that point, you’ll realize which activities are accessible to you, and which ones, tragically, can’t be complete.

Since the administration of issue GMB postings, as a rule, requires either being responsible for them or verifying them, our Screenshots will help you properly.


Guideline to remove business listing from google maps

You have a listing in your google account and you no longer want that listing.

  1. Sign in to your GMB dashboard google my business google my busniess start
  2. Click edit and then click the info tabScreenshot_3
  3. Click on close or remove this listingScreenshot_4
  4. Mark as the remove listing then it will be only removed from your account and your data will be available on Google. But if you want to permanently close then click on mark as permanently closed. It will remove from all over the google.
  5. After the removal, you no longer see your listing anymore.
  6. You can search it on google and make sure.

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